Abandoned cart reminder flow cannot be activated

  • 18 March 2022
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Hey guys, 


hope you’re fine.

We can’t activate abandoned cart reminder flow (the default pre-built Klaviyo flow).
Also, I don’t understand why do we have a “red cross” on the second pre-requisites and what to do to be “compliant”.

To be more specific:

  • we integrated klaviyo with shopify and we checked the integrations tab.
    Also, we tested our integration in the “setup web tracking” section in klaviyo: everything is working.
  • we can’t see the added to cart event in the analytics → metrics section
  • we tried to add the klaviyo custom code to our source code as follow, but we didn’t see any changes, also we don’t find any klaviyo script in the source code (we just tried through google developer console: right click on the web page → inspect)


Now, our questions are:

  • Our klaviyo billing plan is not active, so we’re runnig a free version of klaviyo.
    In order to activate all klaviyo features, do we have to activate klaviyo’s paid plan?
  • Are these problems related to our custom shopify store?
    We are running klaviyo on a custom shopify store, so we’re not based on the standard shopify theme.
    In this case which guides do we have to follow in order to activate correctly klaviyo?

Thank you so much!!


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3 replies

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Hey @Gio_raiseyourhand 

Thank you for coming to the Klaviyo Community for help with your Abandoned Cart metric

Quick question, what features are you looking to use that you don’t have access to now? The paid plans allow you to have larger active lists, send more emails/sms and addition support, but you should have all the same functionality within the Klaviyo Dashboard.

And the problems are most likely related to your custom Shopify store. The easiest way to do this with a custom Shopify theme is to use our developer API add to cart document to get more information. You can also try using Google Tag Manager to  add this to your site. 

Hope this helps clarify! Thank you again for being part of the Klaviyo Community!

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Hey stephen, thanks for the answer!

We’re looking to access to abandoned cart reminder flow (the default pre-built Klaviyo flow) but we can’t because we do not satisfy the second prerequisite: “this flow requires setting up a special add to cart metric”

Beforehand: we have not yet activated the paid plan.

So, I hope we will be able to access to abandoned cart reminder flow (the default pre-built Klaviyo flow) as soon as we pay klaviyo plan.

Also, we don’t find any klaviyo script in our source code, are these problems up to the payment of the plan?

If these problems are not up to the payment plan, we will go deeper with our dev team, following your developer API add to cart document 

Please, let me know!

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Hey @Gio_raiseyourhand 

You do not need a paid plan to set this up! Your development team will be able to set this up with a free account. Following the documents I shared previously will allow you to set this up without paying! you will need to install the web tracking snippet into your custom code first and then follow the add to cart API documents.