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  • 27 December 2021
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I recently tried to start a Welcome Series Flow for new customers, but the list I wanted to add to it was not one of the choices, and the two choices offered were not appropriate for what I wanted to do. Which flow should I be using for what I want to accomplish, and how do I get rid of the flow I do not need?


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Hey @jpshivell 

Thank you so much for reaching out to the Klaviyo Community for help with your Welcome Series Flow

Just to make sure i have this correct, the list you are trying to use  in the welcome flow series is live in your klaviyo account and there are customers currently in the list but its not showing as an option when trying to use it to trigger the flow? Is your list from a Klaviyo signup form on your website or was it a CSV file upload? 

You will want to ensure that contacts who subscribe through your ecommerce integration are being added to the correct list. For example, many Shopify themes have a default newsletter signup form in the footer. While this is not a Klaviyo form, contacts who sign up using this form can still be added to a list in Klaviyo. 

You can verify if contacts who subscribe through your integration are being added to a list, and which list they are being added to, by clicking the Integrations tab and finding your ecommerce integration. In the integration settings, if you're able to sync contacts to a particular list with your integration, you will see this option here.

Once you verify the list was set up correctly, you should be able to use the list in your welcome series. If it is still not working after verifying everything you have created, please reach out to Klaviyo Support so they can go into your account to troubleshoot why your list isnt showing as a trigger for this flow.

Thank you so much for being part of the Klaviyo Community!

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There are some pre-created lists on the Klaviyo website, for example, Potential Purchasers and New Subscribers. I do not yet have a newsletter, and will not be offering one to non-purchasers at this time. Most of these pre-created lists do not have any members in them yet.

What I want to do is create a flow that is triggered when a new person makes a purchase. The Welcome Series does not do this, as it is tailored to subscribers, and, at the present time, I have nothing for them to subscribe to. The Customer Thank You “flow” has only one email, depending on whether the person makes an initial purchase, or an additional purchase.

Is there an ongoing flow, other than a newsletter, that I can use for new customers?

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Hey @jpshivell 

Thank you for the follow up and clarification. 

You need to obtain explicit consent from your customers to send them your marketing, You can do this during the checkout process on your ecommerce site. How you can do this will depend on the integration you are using. You can create a Post-Purchase flow by using a Metric trigger (has placed order).  The flow will allow you to add email templates into the flow to create as many emails as you would like and give you the option of adding time delays and conditional splits to customize your customers experience. The article i linked will walk you through how to set this up in your Klaviyo Account, I would also search the Help Center for more clarity and understanding of how flows work and how to obtain consent from your customers before you start sending out your emails. Sending to customers who have not consented can negatively impact your deliverability.