Adding a unique URL in Post Purchase flow based on SKU purchased

  • 20 March 2022
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Hello there, 

I’m trying to add a unique URL in my Post purchase flow based on the SKU purchased. For example, if customer bought SKU 123, URL 123 should display. If they bought SKU 456, they should see URL 456. 

I cannot figure out how I get this if rule set up in my campaign… 

Thanks a lot,



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Hi there @Jalna,

Thanks for posting to the Community!

The only way to populate dynamic event data is to have that event trigger the Flow you wish to send. Event data is not available to insert into Campaigns for this reason. Only Profile data can be inserted dynamically into Campaigns. So for this case with multiple SKUs, you would have to create a post purchase Flow triggered by the event that contains the SKU style within the event details and then insert the dynamic link to the emails from there. If you're inserting dynamically, then no need to create separate Flows! Alternately, you may want to build out conditional splits that sends different customers down different pathways depending on what SKU details they have.


Hope this helped,


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Hi @alex.hong

Thanks so much for the quick response. Really appreciate it. 

So, for Post Purchase flow I used the Additional Filters to only target my list of SKUs. Is that what you mean by “create a post purchase flow triggered by the event that contains the sku”?.

Then you mention “insert the dynamic link to the emails from there”. What would be the correct dynamic logic in this case? 


Thanks Alex

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Hey @Jalna,

No problem.

If you wanted to create a post purchase flow for a specific product, then you would just segment those who have ordered a specific SKU. You can create a segment that will dynamically pull all users who fit into the condition : What Someone Has Done > Purchased X Product or X category > At Lease Once > Over all time. Then I would send a specific campaign to this select segment.

For the dynamic url, it could be {{ event.extra.items.0.product.url }} . However, based on whatever integration you might have, the language could be different so I would recommend reading this article.