ATC abandoned cart flow AND Started Checkout?

  • 6 April 2022
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Hi! I have started switching clients over to using Add To Cart as the trigger for the abandoned cart flow, but is there any benefit to also have the Started Checkout triggered abandoned cart flow on as well? Or is that a bit over the top?



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Hey @Katie_Farrell 

Thank you for asking another great question! I am so happy to see you active and collaborating in our Community!

Having your customer switch to using the Add to Cart metric is a great idea because it triggers the abandoned cart flow sooner than the Started Checkout metric (which only triggers once they have input their email at checkout). They both trigger the same flow, it just depends on when you want to trigger the flow in your customers journey. If you have the Add to Cart trigger setup, the Started Checkout metric is redundant as your customers have likely already triggered the Add to Cart metric for the flow. My personal suggestion is to pick the one the best fits the company’s goals and customers, and stick with it. This will make troubleshooting and account management a bit easier in the the future should anything happen to the flow. 

Hope this helps!

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Thanks so much, that makes not to have both so will stick to the Add To Cart trigger as it funnels more people through the flow. 🙌