Back in Stock Flow not working now I've added Marketing Opt-in Promt

  • 9 October 2021
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Hi There

I have recently set up the ‘Back in Stock’ feature on my shopify account, via Klaviyo.

I have installed the snippet in my shopify code and also set up the flow on my Klaviyo account.

It all worked well, but then I also decided to add the additional code to enable the prompt for email marketing opt ins. This all worked well in terms of showing as an option on the back in stock pop up on my website and when I tested it by subscribing for a notification and opting into marketing I could see I was added to the relevant list and also appear in the ‘Waiting’ part of the flow. 

The problem occurs when I then add the product back in stock. The email addressed that should then move to the ‘Moved to next step’ tab of the flow and should start to send out notifications to customers to notify them of the product availability are not working. For some reason, since adding the email marketing opt in, the flow is not longer triggering properly and emails are not being sent out when the desired item is back in stock.

Does anyone have any ideas on this?

Thank you in advance!


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2 replies

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Hey @WilliamsEllen 

It’s great to see you’re setting up a Back In Stock flow and getting advice from the Klaviyo Community!

@retention mentioned some important items to look at in your flow settings. Just wanted to provide some other documents you may or may not have already read through in addition to the community post that was mentioned previously by . Check out how Back in  Stock Flows work to see how a profile moves through the flow and what triggers their progress and key settings to adjust regarding your back in stock flow. Also, you can see how to configure your Back in Stock Email so the right product data is being delivered to your customers.

Thank you for contributing to the Klaviyo Community and helping everyone continue their growth on Klaviyo!

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Hi @WilliamsEllen - welcome to the community!

Since it looks like everything is working in the sense that an email is added to the appropriate List and you are seeing yourself in the “Waiting” part of the Flow.  A few questions to check quickly to make sure your Back in Stock email sending settings are what you expect. 

You can find this in your Account → Settings → Email → Back in Stock Settings

  • Do you have a threshold for how many items have to be back in stock before it’s triggered?
  • Did you have it set to notify people in groups?  Are those what you expect?

Next, do you have any Flow Filters or Message Filters that disqualifies a user from receiving an email? Are the emails being “Skipped” due to Smart Sending or they are suppressed (Unsubscribed)? 

Take a look at extended answer here:

Hope this helps!