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  • 21 February 2023
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I’ve set up a reviews flow for fulfilled orders which is working for current and recent customers (within the last 2 weeks). I’ve got a list of about 90 customers from December - to January that I’d like to send the reviews email to straight away (with flow emails afterwards), but back-populating the flow wouldn’t include those customers.

I set up a separate flow for the Dec-Jan customers and created a list with only those contacts. In the flow I set that as Fulfilled Order with a trigger filter that they were in the Dec-Jan Reviews customer list and were added between 0 and 81 days ago just to be certain. 

Initially I had no time delay but no records were queued for delivery. I added the 1 hour time delay and hit back-populate and still nothing. 

Below is a screen grab of the Flow, can you please advise what I’m doing wrong and how I can send out the review email flow straight away to this specific group of customers.




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You are not doing anything wrong but I guess you don’t understand how back-populating works. When you back populate a metric triggered flow it only back-populate it in the time frame of the length of the flow. I am not sure if you have another emails in this flow but if it is just this one then your flow length is 1 hour.. so it only populates people who left review in the last hour.. if you have for example 2 more emails with time delays 1 day each that would make the length of your flow 2 days so it will only back-populate people who did this in the last 2 days..