Best way to segment people in a flow/campaign

  • 27 April 2022
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What’s the best way to segment people in a flow?


I want to add one email in my welcome flow message, having people to choose which category they are most interested in, so that later I can send them more personalized message. For example, duvet covers/ sheets/ pillows/etc.

What I am currently thinking is to make each option into a photo and using  property update function to link to each one click. The only concern I have is what if people choose more than one categories of interest. Would it overwrite?

Let me know your recommendation or best practices, and thanks Klaviyo community as always




Best answer by Bobi N. 27 April 2022, 08:14

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To do this in email what you did is probably the best option.

And yes there is small problem with overwriting. Only the last chosen (clicked) option will be added as property except if instead you create 1 property with 3 different values you create 3 different properties for the 3 options you have. That way every click will be counted..