Campaign's schedule/send button is inactive and won't send

  • 1 April 2021
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Hello, we’re trying to send a new campaign and the schedule/send button is inactive, all requirements are in green. Would anyone know why? I don't have any notifications that my account is disabled or anything like that. 


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Hi @Kennishia,

It looks like you were able to send your campaign. Can you confirm that you’re no longer facing the same issue/provide details about what you did to resolve it?




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Hey @Kennishia,

I just wanted to follow up on this thread to provide an answer to other Community members who may be encountering this issue as well. 

It appears that Kennishia was unable to send their campaign due to the Klaviyo account being cancelled.

After cancelling your Klaviyo account, you would still retain access to the account and all the data stored within it. Having a cancelled Klaviyo account would still allow you to build and edit email templates, create lists and segments, review analytics being shared from your ecommerce integration, etc. However you would lost the capability to send any emails from Klaviyo. 

To re-activate your Klaviyo account and recover the functionality to send emails, you can upgrade your account to a subscription plan that best suits your needs. You can upgrade your account by navigating to Accounts > Billing > Email and selecting your desired plan. 

To re-activate your Klaviyo account under Klaviyo’s Free plan option, I would recommend reaching out to Klaviyo support to process this request!

Thanks for be a member of our Klaviyo Community!