Campaigns Missing from List View, Only showing up in Calendar View

  • 29 November 2023
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Have had this issue for months….various, usually new-ish campaigns (sometimes drafts, sometimes campaigns that have been sent) do not show up in the “Campaigns” list view. When you go to “Calendar” view they are there and you can access that way. But for lots of reasons….I need them all to show up in list view. I talked to chat support back when it started and they said it’s a Chrome issue but that seems unlikely. This is happening across clients and there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to what campaigns it applies to. 


To add to the issues….in the last couple of weeks….occasionally my campaigns list will only show a single campaign. I have checked all filters, changed time windows, etc but nothing fixes it, aside from signing out and then back in.

Anyone else have this issue and successfully solve it? 


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I’ve found it has to do with the date range and if you select the filter to be “all time” this should help to solve it and bring the drafts back to the top

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Yes, it does happen in other browsers as well. And yes, I have tried removing all filters, I have tried setting up filters that would include the campaign i need….doesn’t work. The only thing that works is finding it in calendar view. 


Occasionally leaving the page and coming back to it will work, but only about 20% off the time. And in any case….that isn’t workable in the long term, I def need to find a legitimate fix that is permanent.

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Hi @NDA 

I understand what you have mentioned, as I too have experienced this. 

I personally have found at this time, that refreshing the page brings the campaigns back, or navigating away and coming back to the Campaign page.

With the advice of this being specific to Chrome, have you tried any other browser? Does it happen there?
Also just double checking, your filters/drop downs are inclusive of these campaigns in the List view?