Can I ignore missing products when looping over a list?

  • 18 January 2023
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Since my original topic has gone stale, I would like to continue the conversation here.

We have the following issue:

  • We have an event “Added to Wishlist
  • As an event parameter we send the entire customer’s wishlist
  • We react to this with a flow, that summarizes the customer’s wishlist at the end of the week

Occasionally we get the error “product not in feed”, and the email is not sent. This is due to deleted products, that are still in the customer’s wishlist. We unfortunately have no control over this list, as it’s saved on the user’s browser.

Iam aware of the unpublished="cancel" option for the catalog tag, but that is not what we want to achieve. We want to continue sending the mail, without displaying the missing product.


Is it possible to ignore and not display the missing products?


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Hi @Aram Becker!


For the sake of organization, I’m just going to loop back to the original thread which I just answered:


Thanks for using the Community!

- Brian