Can't find product name in conditional split dropdown

  • 11 June 2023
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I’m trying to create a conditional split in my welcome series where if a customer orders ‘Product A’ they will “exit” the flow but if they haven’t ordered ‘Product A’ they will continue to receive emails.


However, when using the dropdown Person has ‘Ordered Product’ where Name equals ‘x’, I cannot find ‘Product A’. I successfully integrated Shopify with Klaviyo and was wondering how I fix this problem. Thank you!


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@Aria Sound 

has anyone placed order yet for this ProductA? If it is a new product that for now no one placed order yet you will need at least one order on this product and then you will see it in klaviyo. So if that is the case you can go and place order yourself and then you can cancel it, that should fix your problem.