Can you filter products by category in a post purchase email flow?

  • 25 September 2023
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My client creates made-to-order dress shirts in which the customer selects several their custom measurements when ordering. We’re using a post-purchase email flow with customers who order a made to order shirt to double-check their selected measurements.

We’d like to filter out the products that aren’t made to order from this email. In the example below, these are the pocket squares. It’s not necessary to include them because there are no measurements to check.

Is it possible to only show products from the made-to-order category in this email?

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Hi @hwatterworth 

Welcome to the community!

Based on your description, you should be able to exclude products from the post-purchase email where you don’t include any products that aren’t custom made. However, this would require some custom coding and the use of a Shopify tag (assuming you are using Shopify). 

The following post by @retention should help guide the process. Even though its specific to a cart abandon, the process/approach will be similar. You’ll just need to confirm the image tags from the Placed Order event in the code, but the structure of the code to exclude products would be the same.

Take a look at this and let us know if you have any questions!


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