Can you use hide/show blocks based on Klaviyo predictive analytics?

  • 15 August 2022
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I’m starting to use the show/hide blocks and wanted to based a block on Klaviyo’s predictive analytics for example “Predicted gender = Female”.

I followed the best practice guidance/advice when setting this up. However, it doesn’t seem to show the preview for me but I’m unsure if it’s an error in how I’ve set the block up or if it’s because the show/hide blocks are supported for predictive analytics?

Any insight/advice on this will be really appreciated!




Best answer by David To 16 August 2022, 16:57

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2 replies

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Hello @sarahc4u,

Great question!

Although predictive analytics is a powerful tool to help inform you on your marketing decisions, they would actually not be an available data point for use in emails like normal profile properties. One way to think of these properties is that they are seen more as unique properties - hence why they are not grouped together with the other properties in a profile. 

Another way you can think about this is that profile properties are facts about your customers. Whereas, the predictive analytics are assumptions about your customers to help inform your decision making. This means that even though in my opinion our AI tool is really good (thank you Klaviyo data team!) it can still be wrong and make an incorrect assumption. 

If you wanted to leverage the show/hide feature based on a customer’s gender, I would suggest collecting this as a custom profile property through a signup form. If you need, our template specialist has a really great show/hide tutorial you can find below:

I hope this helps!


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Thanks @David To for the explanation that makes sense😊