Collecting Survey Responses via a Klaviyo Flow

  • 1 October 2022
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I want to know how can we create a flow, to collect responses from the customers regarding their experience with our company’s support staff. Is it possible to create the form in klaviyo, and how do we set the flow up. 


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Hi @MM6,

Thanks for sharing this question with the community. There are a few different possible solutions here.

One of our community members has had success using Survicate. I also outline solutions involving the use of a subscribe page or Typeform (more detail to come on this later in the reply). For all of those solutions see the thread below:

If you’re already using a third-party help-desk platform, first see if Klaviyo already offers an integration with one of these platforms. If so, you’ll want to check out the corresponding Klaviyo help center documentation for that particular platform and find a pre-existing event that signals the end of a support interaction i.e. “Closed Conversation”. Using this event to trigger a metric-triggered flow (in Klaviyo, “metric” is just another word for event) would be an ideal starting point to achieve your goal.

Alternatively for this step, you can also consider creating a custom event that’s logged when someone completes an interaction with your support staff. A custom solution involves using our API to track custom events, and then that event is used to trigger the flow.

Once you have the metric in place as the flow trigger, you’ll want to add an email to the flow and use one of either a) the subscribe page link in your email (to redirect users to a this embedded subscribe page on your site containing the support-staff feedback form), or using a 3rd party integration like Typeform (or Survicate) to collect these survey responses.

I do not recommend creating a traditional Klaviyo form (popup, embed, or flyout) because we’re not able to embed these forms into a Klaviyo email.

I hope this solution is helpful. Thanks for being a member of our community.

As already mentioned, you can create a flow in Klaviyo which would trigger sending an email with a survey. If you decide to use Survicate, you can embed first survey question in the email itself. This way your respondents can start answering straight from the email. 
You can also use Klaviyo-Survicate integration to send survey responses back to Klaviyo, as user attributes.