Connecting Klaviyo to Zipify

  • 17 October 2023
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I have a landing page I created on Shopify using zipify and I’m trying to add Klaviyo so potential clients can get a 25% coupon code. Should I be creating a flow and connect it to zipify or a sign up form and connect it to zipify. I initially created a flow but I don’t see a way to connect the flow to zipify. I already connected klaviyo to zipify as the crm and added the mailing list but still can’t seem to figure out how to add a way for potential clients get the coupon code.


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4 replies

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@Sheron would it work for you to make a form in Klaviyo and then embed that into the page you made?

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Hi there @Sheron


As zipify is a third party integration, there aren’t native metrics you can use to trigger flows, you would have to create a custom metric to trigger this flow. Your profiles are added to a Klaviyo list by the API call zipify sends to Klaviyo. You can tell that profiles find their way into klaviyo by API call because they’ll have a  -9 $source property. The $source property is how a profile found their way into Klaviyo. 


The easiest way to send your users a coupon when they enter a list-triggered flow would be to create a Klaviyo form for these potential customers and add them to a potential customer list. Connect this list to a flow and you can then send an automated email with this coupon when they enter the list! 


If you want the form to ask as a landing page, I’d recommend creating a dedicated landing page on your shopify site to host this form and then using  an embed klaviyo form on this dedicated landing page! 


Hope this helps!





It probably would be if its as simple as it sounds. Could that form act as landing page as well?


Thanks! That’s what I figured out and ended up doing. I have the sign up form completed and trying to embed the code in my landing page on Klaviyo. However the html code isn’t working for some reason.