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  • 8 July 2022
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Hello ! 

I have installed Wishlist King and I have created a trigger to start a wishlist flow (decscription of the trigger below). Now, I want to send an email in which people can see the articles they have in their wishlist. I would like to add in the email,  a picture of the product, the title and the price. 

I have created a dynamic block and here are the details of the codes. But when I try to preview the email, nothing appears. Here are the screenshots. I tried to modify with the instructions in the abandonned cart flow but it does not work. Can you help me ? 

Thank you ! 



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Hi @Laurent,

Thank you for sharing this question with us.

When you say the preview is blank, I assume you’re referring to the image, item, price etc? If that is indeed the case, can you confirm that there’s been an Added to Wishlist event logged in the account? Until an event is logged, you will not see anything in the preview (even if you’ve set up the block correctly).

Most importantly, you’ll want to verify that you’re using the correct tags (within the editor) for this particular event. You can check which tags can be used for the Added to Wishlist event by clicking Preview on the left-hand side inside the email editor (again you will need an event to be logged in order to see the tags). I recommend reading through the community posts below which speaks to this concept (& setting up a dynamic block in general) in more detail:

Additionally, if the Added to Wishlist event only holds one item name, price, image etc in its event data (like Viewed Product) rather than multiple item names, items, images (like Started Checkout) you will want to use a static block instead of a dynamic one. That would be another reason why the block doesn’t populate. This idea is explained in more detail in the posts below, you can check that out for more information:

I hope that helps.

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Hi @Dov ! Indeed, it was an event that only holds one item so I replaced it with a static block and now it works ! 

Thank you for your help :)

Hi, how did you integrate Klaviyo and Wishlist King?

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Hi @Laurent - How did you integrate Klaviyo with Wishlist King, I mean for me it’s shows as completed but I am not able to start with creating flows as Klaviyo is not getting these triggers.


Can you help?