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  • 20 February 2023
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Hi guys, 

I need to contact my customers once the product arrived, is there the possibily to create a custom trigger to contact my customers after the product has been arrived?


Thank you for your attention,

have a great day,

Federico, from Italy


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Hi @federicolugli, welcome to the community!

In order for you to trigger a Flow in Klaviyo based on a product arrival, you need a Custom Event that signals from your shipping carrier to Klaviyo when a product has arrived and left the carrier. 

There are a few Klaviyo Technology Partners that I’ve worked with that support this as part of their integration into Klaviyo.

But there may be many others in the Integration Directory : Shipping/Logistics that you may want to explore.

Alternatively, if you only need approximate times an item arrives and depending on which ecommerce platform you have, there is typically a “Fulfilled Shipment” event.  This typically happens at the time you mark an order as “Fulfilled” and have a shipping label produced and ready to go out.

You can approximate the time after an order is Fulfilled (example: 3 Days Delay) for when you think the customer will receive their order and add this as a time delay in a Flow that’s triggered on “Fulfilled Order or Fulfilled Shipment.”

Hope this helps!

We have a Shopify app called Tracktor that tracks the status of 1500+ carriers. We also have an automation app called MESA that can automatically fire an event in Klaviyo when a fulfillment status change happens.


I just put together a workflow template to trigger a klaviyo event when an order is delivered.