Creating a series of emails for a sale

  • 1 February 2021
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Is it a flow, campaign, or something else?

I’d like to create a series of emails to send to a list (everyone) announcing a sale for a new product and offering a coupon for a discounted price.

The first email would announce the sale, the remainder would follow at intervals, ending with “sale ending” emails.

To me it sounds like a flow. But there is no trigger event.

If it’s a campaign, Do I simply create each email as a separate campaign and then schedule them accordingly--sounds like that might be the solution. 

Regarding the coupon: I’m using Shopify--do I create the coupon code in Shopify or Klaviyo?

Obviously I’m new at this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.






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6 replies

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@BarryDensa You’re on the right track.

For this purpose, you’ll have to use Campaigns. Although there is one way to do this with a Flow, it’s much more complex. It includes exporting all your subscribers and importing them to a new list that will be used as a trigger for a Flow. But that will only create additional work and room for errors.
I’d stick with Campaigns, where you have more control.

For the coupon. If you want to use a dynamic coupon code (which I recommend), then you need to create it in Klaviyo.

Find out more about coupons here:

How to Create a Dynamic Coupon Code in Klaviyo

Unique Coupon Codes for Shopify

How to Use Coupon Codes in Klaviyo

How to Add a Link to Apply a Dynamic Coupon Code on Shopify Checkout

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Thanks Joseph!

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Hey Joseph!

I read those articles--thanks again.

And I decided to go the easiest route (I’ve got a tiny list and I don’t mind if the code gets shared or reused -- in fact, I’m encouraging it!) 

So I created a coupon code in Shopify and will paste it into a Klaviyo email.

But I also decided to try and do what you recommended not to do--create a flow, but after the email goes out.

Would you mind if I send you a screenshot of the flow ‘cause I don’t know if I did it right?

I went to your website but you don’t post your email address, or I can post the screenshot here?



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@BarryDensa I don’t understand what you mean by “create a flow, but after the email goes out”. Can you explain this? After what email goes out?

Note that the emails in the Flow need to be Live at the moment of importing the subscribers into the list that is being used as a trigger. If they’re on Draft mode, they will immediately be skipped.

If you want to share screenshots or anything else, please do it in this thread so it can be useful to other members of the community.

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Let’s see if I can explain this intelligently…

I created a campaign, a single email announcing a sale of a new product, with coupon code shown in the email. Easy.

What I wanted to do is create flow that would follow up the email with “follow-up emails”.

Here’s where I’m doubting I did the setup correctly…

The trigger events are:

They viewed the product, the top box shows the name of the product.

The second trigger box names the email with the coupon.
Thow I’m hoping it works--’cause I don’t want anyone arriving at the product page to enter the flow. They got the email, they went to the product page...and they didn’t buy so they go into the flow:


Did I accomplish what I intended...or not?


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@BarryDensa - As you mentioned, the Flow is only triggered if they “Viewed Product” which means if they don’t go to your site after they received the email, then the subsequent emails won’t happen.  If that’s your intent, this certainly will work.  Since this is a Event Triggered Flow, you should add another Flow Filter to make sure they don’t go through the Flow more than once (unless you want them to?).  

However, if you have a strong engagement rate for your list, you may want to just considering schedule those emails as different Campaigns on subsequent days as mentioned earlier in this thread.  You can also build “Segments” for people that Opened the first campaign, or other Segment rules to narrow it down if you feel like sending to the entire List is unnecessary, or you simply want it to be more targeted or personalized.