Custom Font Not showing correctly in emails sent

  • 24 November 2022
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I would like to use a handwriting font for my name at bottom of email and have chosen Satisfy Normal 400 however when subscribers receive the email in gmail they get the fallback font.



I would appreciate help on this.




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3 replies

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Hey @SeanMcC,

This is actually an expected behavior! Not all email clients support custom fonts - hence the fallback font option. 

As mentioned in both our How to Add Custom Fonts in Email Templates (new editor) and How to add custom fonts in email templates (classic editor) Help Center articles, only the following email clients will support custom fonts:

  • Apple Mail
  • iOS Mail (the default email browser on iOS)
  • Google Android (except Android 2.3, which doesn’t support the @import method used by Google and Adobe fonts)
  • Samsung Mail (Android 8.0)
  • Outlook for Mac
  • Outlook iOS App

Gmail, unfortunately does not. 


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Thanks for the explanation.


Surprising that Gmail doesnt work however..



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Hi @all we were not able to solve one issue: being able to display our custom fonts due to am OS not supporting a typeface. Is there a way to use custom code to embed typefaces/ our host typefaces on a server and override the fallback font necessity on an OS? or any possible solution through code to help us rectify this issue?