Customer not receiving campaign emails but does receive flows

  • 21 June 2021
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I have a customer who has contacted me to say she is not receiving our campaign emails. The activity reporting shows the emails are sent to her, however they remain unopened. 
she has not had any problems receiving emails from our flows. It is specifically campaigns. Does anyone have any idea as to what might be happening? 



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6 replies

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Hey @Snuggly! That’s really odd.  Curious, what are your open rates like on the campaign emails? How long have you been sending to this list from Klaviyo? 


Did the customer check their Spam/Junk folder to see if it’s in there?


I’m not sure if emails from one sender can be sent to spam AND to the inbox, but your subject lines on the campaign emails I could see getting flagged (all caps and multiple exclamation points are food for spam filters).


If your deliverability could use some improvement (actually even if it doesn’t), Klaviyo has great tutorials on how to get that where it should be.  Here’s one of them:  



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Hi Manny,

I have only been using Klaviyo for a month now. Yes the customer looked in their junk folder and spam and it hasnt been delivered to either of these. I have another customer who has mentioned the same to me this morning. I can change the titles going forward but this doesnt help with previous emails :(

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Curious, what email domains are these customers using (ie. Gmail, Apple, Hotmail, etc..)


Sounds like it will be to be diagnosed further.  What’s your average open rate and click rate on your campaigns? How big is the segment/list you’re sending it to?


Do you have any excluded segments/lists on your campaigns?

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These are the click through rates for my last 4 campaigns. This list is roughly 2000 emails


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Numbers look good!  Did you notice any pattern with those subscribers in terms of their email addresses.

Try changing up your subject lines (less caps and exclamation marks), since your a new sender, the reputation may not be there yet it’s not accepting those emails. 


Not sure what else it could be 🤷‍♂️😕

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Hello @Snuggly,

Thank you for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community. And thank you @Mailbox Manny for the suggestions - that is all wonderful advice.

@Snuggly, I recommend checking in with the customers in question to see if they have any firewalls set-up that could potentially be filtering/rerouting certain types of emails. If they have an IT team, it would be best to have them look into it as well. We don’t have a way on our end to determine what happens specifically to the email after it is marked as “received”. Also, on the topic of inbox placement, if they are using Gmail, I recommend checking the promotions folder as well:

For more information on the promotions tab I recommend having a look at the thread below:

I also recommend asking the users to search for the subject line of the email in their inbox.

As a general note, there is nothing inherent about campaign emails that is different than flow emails, the fact that the users are receiving one but seemingly not the other signals that there is some filtering either by a firewall or inbox-specific filter impacting emails with certain subject lines or content.

I hope this helps!

Overall those open rates look very good! Keep up the good work =]