Customer Poll - Without adding attributes to customers

  • 6 July 2022
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I am trying to set up a poll/vote in an email going out to the whole data base. The purpose is to choose our next mixed pack. I don't need to see who voted for what I just want to get the data of what option. 

It would also be great if the subscriber was not lead out of their email. 

Any ideas? 




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3 replies

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Hey Vanessa, welcome to the community!


Not sure if it can be done in the email, but you can have a link that sends them a third party poll/survey provider.  One that I’ve used for something like this (help pick the next design for a cap) is Typeform.


Google Forms is another quick and easy option.

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I would prefer to not add another program. 

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Hey @Vanessa C.,

I know you’ve mentioned you didn’t need to know who selected what option in your poll, but an alternative solution would to use an update profile property built onto a button or a hyperlink. Although this method would associated each person with a selection, you wouldn’t necessarily need to know who selected which options since you’ll be capturing the results through segmentation. This means you can see the poll results through the number of users who are captured in each segment you’ve built out. 

You can learn more about using this strategy from our How to use links to collect information about your recipients Help Center article. Additionally, this use case has been brought up several times in previous Community posts that may be helpful to take a look at. I’ve included some below t get you started:

I hope this helps!