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  • 20 April 2023
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I recently noticed my click rates have been decreasing in the past few weeks. I tightened my engagement for my segments but still is coming in much lower than normal.


Has anyone else noticed this? I know it may just be seasonal or that we have limited products right now but wanted to check in.




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2 replies

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Hey @abigailsheppard

I wouldn’t say that I’m seeing a trend of decreased CTRs across my client’s accounts. Emailing your engaged segment is a great way to make sure you are targeting an audience who is most likely to continue to engage but email design is going to play a huge part in your Click-Rates. Edits like having your CTAs (Call-to-Action) above the fold of the email can be a way to help boost some click-throughs.

Klaviyo has a few helpful tips you can test with your audience to see if they’d help boost more clicks:

Feel free to drop a screenshot of your recent email campaign and happy to provide some thoughts on design that may help with CTRs!

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Hi @abigailsheppard 

In addition to the great feedback from @Spark Bridge Digital LLC, I always think about click-throughs from a mobile perspective. Nowadays, most people are checking their email on their mobile device, which scales your content down. This can play a role in click-throughs if you only have a couple of specific calls-to-action. 

I always recommend making more elements in your emails clickable so that as people scroll through your message on mobile, its easier to clickthrough at any point in the email vs. having to scroll back to a button. 

Some common elements I usually hyperlink outside of a typical CTA button/hyperlink would be images, coupon codes (if they exist in the email) and large font text like section headlines.

In addition to hyperlinking elements, this might be a good time to start AB testing new content types or layouts. Its possible, if you are using a template of similar content that your list is getting a bit fatigued and testing some new content or layouts might also help generate a boost to your clickthroughs.

One final recommendation as it relates to segmentation, don’t forget about frequency to those segments. If you are mailing every day to the same segment with similar content, this will have an impact on your clickthroughs. Look to vary content to different segments and how often you mail to those segments, and you should see your clickthroughs increase.

Between the recommendations form @Spark Bridge Digital LLC and some here, I hope you have a good playbook of things to test that should help get your clickthroughs up.


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