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  • 27 March 2021
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I am using Klaviyo, its connected to my Shopify store. (Yeslicense)

For some flows, I would like to use a different sending address (Golicences) - I know where I need to modify that and I noticed that it worked when I did a sending test.

Howevr, when I am looking into the Gmail header, I see “via” or mailed by “” etc.

Question: is it good practice to do that ? Even if it’s working, I am afraid to not follow good practices and having the risk of seeing my reputation affected.

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5 replies

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Hi @darka26,

From a best practices standpoint, you’ll want to ensure that the root domain of the sender address that you’re using to send emails matches the root domain you set when creating the dedicated sending domain in your account.


This means that since your root domain is ‘’ that any sender address you associate with a flow or campaign email should end with ‘’ It wouldn’t be advisable to be sending emails from ‘’ since the root domain will no longer align.


You could, however, send from ‘’ as long as you owned that inbox becuase you’d still be sending from the same domain as your root domain.




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Very clear, thank you so much Julie - appreciate the fast and clear answer

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Next question is the following: is it possible to add a root domain in my Klaviyo account ? Eg, adding “” in my Klaviyo account initially linked with my Shopify store (

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Hello @darka26

Building on @julie.accardo’s explanation of best practices with using a dedicated sending domain and how it aligns with your root domain; with the use of a dedicated sending domain, you would only be able to set up and prescribe a singular subdomain within your Klaviyo account. 

Since your Shopify store is using the domain of Yeslicense, there wouldn’t be a way to use a separate Root domain with the account as each Klaviyo account only supports one sending domain per account.

As Julie mentioned above, if your account is already set up with a dedicated sending domain of Yeslicense, using a different domain for sending such as would cause a misalignment when the email is received by the inbox provider and may not garner the best results in terms of deliverability. The reason for this is that inbox providers would already see your sending subdomain of almost like a signature in all your emails; when they also see that a different “from” address is listed it would raise suspicions by these inbox providers. 

Should you need a separate sending domain of “” we would recommend setting up another Klaviyo account for this brand and setting up a dedicated sending domain under this alternate brand. 

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Very clear !! THANK YOU SO MUCH :)