Display one-time universal block when user has been subbed for a set amount of time?

  • 25 September 2023
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Hi There,

I’m fairly new to flows so forgive me if there is a more obvious way of doing this. I’d like to show people who have subscribed to our newsletter for 90 days a block that lets them know that, but I really only want to display the message once.


I’ve created a flow that adds a property to active readers subbed more than 90 days which I can use as a conditional logic to add the block to the top of the newsletter, but I’m absolutely lost in trying to work out how to stop the block appearing on every subsequent email they receive. I guess I could make a flow at (for example) 92 days that amends the property to something else so that the conditional block doesn’t show any more, but by doing it that way there’s no guarantee that they’ll see the block if they don’t open any email in that window right?


Again, sorry if I’m over complicating this! 


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Hi @JimiB Thanks for posting in the Klaviyo community! 


What is the reason you want people to see this block? Wondering if it would make more sense to send it as its own email triggered when someone has been subbed for 90 days?


Alternatively, you could add logic to the show/hide block based on age of profile instead of the days since subscribing, using the logic: person|lookup (You can see more about conditional logic here)


Hope this helps!



Thanks for the reply Katherine.

Ideally I’d like to do it as a block because it’s going to contain a gentle donation push ‘you’ve been subbed for 3 months, if you’re enjoying our content why not donate’ - that kind of thing. It wouldn’t really work as a stand alone email, since we’re a non-profit our donation drives are meticulously planned out, I also think that a stand alone email would seem like a harder push than just a little friendly three month prompt - I’ve seen other organisations using this method as well, although I suspect they’re using a different email management service. 


Thanks for the tip on the conditional logic, so if I’m understanding right I could essentially use person|lookup:'[subbed days]' > 90 to display the block. Would there be a way to make it so that they only see the block once?

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Wouldn't it be easier to just have a flow that sends out this email at the 90 day mark? This flow of course would get triggered by the subscribe to list event (the moment the join your list).

That way you can really personalize and focus on this specific topic and drive more from it rather than having a block in an email which also has another core message.

You can then create an email that has a specific goal. If you're a non-profit, your subscribers have probably a big affinity with your cause and this means you could really test out various (psychology) approaches here to see if you can drive donations. In my mind this would work better than just having a block appear in a newsletter.

Adding to that you can even have the flow filter out specific conditions when you don't want to send the mail or remove people from it, i.e. if they already made a donation recently (or any other action).

Hope this helps!

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