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  • 9 March 2021
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Is there any workaround for DUPLICATING/CLONING a conditional split? They are so tedious to set up, and I have so many in my flow. If I could duplicate or clone it, it would save me SO MUCH TIME and also ensure consistency. 

If there is zero way to achieve this, I’d like to offer this is a feature request. Is there a way to ask for features? 

We can clone an email, why not clone a conditional split?


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Hi @JimmieaQuick,

Although that is not a current feature, I’m happy to pass the suggestion along to our product team.

Also, to clarify -- you can clone the flow itself. Not sure if that helps with your use-case.



Yes, I know about and have used the clone a flow feature as I have a very lengthy conditional split to exclude 100 email domains right off the bat. (Terribly tedious to set up since I can’t bulk add all the domains.) So I created it as a template and replicate the entire flow to get that one conditional split in there.

In this particular usecase I’m taking about a flow that has 36 or so conditional splits throughout. I have to set each one up individually. It’s a real headache, and each time I recreate it there’s the chance for error. 

Thanks for submitting that as a request.


Is this a thing yet? I can’t see it… I’m on a trial and I will go elsewhere if this isn’t a feature because I ain’t continually setting up long conditional paths that repeat themselves.

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I am having the same problem trying to exclude people who have added specific products to their cart from receiving the “Added to Cart” flow.

Not only can I not duplicate these conditional splits, but I cannot even add a string of values separated by commas but need to add an ”OR” statement and remap each value I’m trying to exclude.

We can duplicate wait tags and send activities, but the logic that ensures consistency and correct audience match and relevancy needs to be done manually and be subject to human error for every split in a complex flow??


Please schedule to update this basic functionality in the next release! 

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Hey @dgibbs 

I have shared your feedback with our product team for continued evaluation. As of now, this feature is still not on the roadmap for future product releases but your feedback will be used to help the team prioritize possible execution in the future.

Thank you so much for being part of the community and helping us make the product better everyday. We appreciate your feedback.

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Thank you, I think this may be an “easy win” the dev teams can add to their next sprint as this is a default feature in every other EDS I’ve used and should not require too much actual trouble shooting.


Please also update this 2 year old thread to not be listed as “Solved” as the feature has not yet been implemented...

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It is complete pain to copy conditions for every conditional split, being able to clone conditional properties would save so much time!

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Hi @kchung!

I agree that this would be a useful feature - I’ll definitely forward this to our Product team on your behalf!