Email alert if no recent profile activity or no new profiles

  • 7 April 2022
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I would like to know if there is a way to notify users if there is no profile activity for atleat 1 day or no new customer/profile inserted for 1 day


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3 replies

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Hello @joemarieubx,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

I don’t believe what you are trying to accomplish is currently capable within Klaviyo. However, I would be interested to hear more surrounding the use case for this. 

Also, when you mean “notify users if there is no profile activity for at least 1 day or no new customer/profile inserted for 1 day” do you mean notify your customer that there has been no activity within their profile I.E. your customers have not interacted with your brand? Or did you mean provide some sort of notification to alert you, the Klaviyo account users, that there hasn’t been any new activity within your Klaviyo account?


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Hello @David To, we would like to have an email alert to us, the admin, maintainers etc if incase no new customer/profile added to a certain list/segments for example a day without no new customers added to a list.

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Hi @joemarieubx - Thanks for clarifying to us what you’re trying to do here. Although there isn’t an“out of the box” solution that I know of that will specifically send you a notification if there are no subscribers or activity in a given day, you can build a scheduled report that shows you how many “Subscribers” you have every day (in the last 7 days) and have that sent to your Inbox once a week.   

To set this up:

  • Go to the Analytics (Sidebar) and click on Custom Reports → Create from Scratch.
  • Select the Report Type of “Single Metric Deep Dive Report” and give your Report a name like “Daily Subscribers”. 
  • Then select the metric “Subscribed to List” with Unique Profiles and Sum as the parameters as you want to have a Sum of unique Profiles (if you have more than one List people can subscribe to, but don’t want to count them more than once if they subscribed to more than one List). 
  • Select the Timeframe as “Last 7 Days” and by “Day” (as you want this daily of yesterday’s subscriber count).
  • Click “Save & Run Report”

Here’s a screenshot that might be helpful:


Next, setup the email notification by clicking on “Schedule Report” and select “Weekly” at a given time and day of the week you want this email to be sent.

Though this can’t be done “Daily” (as you may want) - it’ll let you see the last 7 Days Subscriber counts in your inbox on a weekly basis.  

Here’s some more information about setting up Custom Reports:

On a total side note, if you have developers resources, you can also use the Klaviyo API to filter on the Subscribe to List Event API or use the Get List and Segment Members API to get the most recent subscribers and check the Profiles via the Get Profile’s “created” date value. This is a bit more involved to do, but is possible workaround if notifications are absolutely critical to your business workflow. 

Hope this helps!