Email flow: Resend email to unopened

  • 19 September 2022
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Hey everyone,

I’m fairly new to Klaviyo, and was wondering what limits there is to the conditional logics.


Specifically, if I can create a flow where the emails are automatically resend to the user if unopened after a few days.


However, it seems that I can’t input specific email name from the flow to define the conditional logic properly to the above.

Anyone know if this is possible?

best regards, Walther


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Hi @Instrat360 

Thank you for posting your question in the community. 

The Klaviyo conditional filters/logic are pretty robust in that you can create pretty complex conditions to split your contacts for different messaging. You can use profile properties, behaviors, list subscription, opt-in consent, etc. for logic in your conditional split. 

In the example you shared–to filter based on open (or lack there of), you would use the first condition of What Someone Has Done (or not done) and then the metric would be Opened Email

When setting up filters in Klaviyo the structure of the filter can take a little getting use to. You would set the conditions so that if a contact meets all of the conditions they would move to the YES side of the split. 

So, if you want to filter your contacts to someone who has NOT opened an email, the filter would look like this:

This would be the correct structure where a user would continue through the YES side of the filter. 

If you wanted to visually have contacts who did not open your email to receive a follow up, but from the flow perspective keep all engaged contacts moving down the left side of the flow and only pull out non-openers to the right, you would set up the flow the following way:

In this example, the filter would allow all contacts who had opened an email at least once to continue down along the flow where they would hit the 3-day wait step. If someone had not opened an email, they would move to the “NO” side of the filter and receive the email message. 

Lastly, if you wanted to only filter contacts who had not opened a specific email (vs. any email as shown in the examples above), then you would click on the little filter icon, select Message as your parameter, and then type in the name of the message.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions about the filters. 

@In the Inbox 

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Hi again and thank you for an extensive answer.

I do have one question though.

So, there are specific emails in my flow that I would like to send out again in the case that the user didn’t open them.

However, it seems like this isn’t an option and that your conditional logic can only be conditional on already send out campaigns - and not emails from the flow you are actually in.

is this correctly understood?

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like this: 


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Hi @Instrat360 

Thank you for your follow up question. 

I believe the reason you are not seeing the messages from your flow in the conditional logic options is because those messages have not been sent (I assume as this has been my experience), but once you start to send them, you should see the email name appear. 

However, until you start sending traffic, you can manual paste the message ID in the equals text box for the conditional filter. 

To find the Message ID, click on the message you’ll want to set up your conditional logic for, and click on the edit button. 


Once you are in the edit screen for the message, look at the URL. 

You’ll find the message ID for that message between the two forward slashes. 

Please note, that you will also see an ID shown from the Flow when you first click on the message. This is not the correct ID. Be sure to click into the message editor to find the correct Message ID that you can place in your conditional filter.


I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions.


@In the Inbox 

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A true hero,

Thanks a lot.


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@Instrat360 Happy to Help.

Let me know if you have any other questions.