Excluding Gift Cards in Post-purchase flow

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Hi, I’m looking for some help/guidance regarding a Shopify post-purchase flow.

Currently, it’s a metric-based trigger (Placed Order), and I want to be able to exclude orders that have Gift Cards only.  I’m a bit stumped as I can’t exclude just the Item “Gift Cards”, because I still want to be able to include customers who purchase both a gift card and regular item(s).  I also can’t use the combo Item Count + Gift Card because there are people who order multiple gift cards, and I also have other trigger filters in place.


Hoping there’s some sort of obvious solution that I’m just missing, but any suggestions are welcomed.


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Thanks for sharing this with us. 

Your best bet is to actually exclude the gift card(s) from your emails instead of using flow filters. You can find a solution to this from our friend Retention in the thread below:

I hope that’s helpful and thanks for being a member of our community.

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Hi @Dov - thanks for your response.  I did come across that thread when I was looking for a solution, but it does not apply.  That thread discusses removing product from a dynamic block, where I’m looking to block a specific product (with certain caveats) out of an entire flow using the flow filters.

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Hi @courtney_ZC,

Thanks for your follow-up reply and for the clarification.

While there isn’t a perfect way to achieve your goal, you can replicate the model below. The first trigger split checking the item count and the second split defined by a chain of “doesn't contains gift card A” AND “doesn’t contain gift card B” etc. for all the gift cards. In practice, if someone purchases just a gift card, they’d hit “No” on both of these and exit the flow. If they purchase a gift card + another item they’d get the first email (going down the “yes” path) in the first split. If they purchase multiple gift cards that’s where this wouldn’t work perfectly. 

You can consider hiding the gift card(s) in the block in your email as well using the solution in my initial reply to help with this:

I hope that’s helpful!