fastest way to trigger a flow (to avoid hour delays)

  • 28 January 2022
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I’m looking to avoid any 1-hour delay in triggering a flow. (I do not want a campaign. Must be automated flow.) What’s the most instant way to trigger a flow so the person signing up gets the email in the absolute fastest time with minimal delay?


I know a segment triggered flow can take up to one hour (not acceptable for the situation I am working on). 

What about list triggered flow? Are those immediate?

Are there any other options for triggering FLOWS instantly w/o delays? (Up to 5 min. would be acceptable. But no more. Needs to be instant.)


Have read this:

Have looked here: But this doesn’t apply as I won’t be using integration. People will fill out Klaviyo form to get added. No third party involved. 



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And assuming a single opt in, list triggered flow is my FASTEST option, is it possible to set up a flow that adds people from one list to another? Or do I have to do that manually?

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Hi @JimmieaQuick


I have responded to your question in a similar thread, linked for your connivence. 


A flow cannot be used to add subscribers to a List. I’d recommend checking out our help center documentation on how to Add Subscribers to an Existing List and a New List. You can either add users to a list manually via CSV upload or through a sign up form. 

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Thanks again. I felt bad about monopolizing that other thread that wasn’t even mine. Also figured others may search for this info, so it needs a separate thread.

Answer to this question is: use list-triggered flow for IMMEDIATE sending w/o delays. Be sure it’s a single-opt-in list.