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  • 13 September 2023
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I have a bit of a pickle I need some help with here folks.

I have a flow set up that is triggered when a user has a company-approved subsidy to use on workwear. All of our accounts are fine with those end-users getting emails to log in and make their purchases when alerted via the flow, except one.

This one account wants the eligibility emails to only be sent to one user (who is apparently managing the purchasing of all items). My idea here is to have the users populated into Klaviyo as accounts without an email attached, clone my flow that already works, and put in a condition that the user must also have a specific “user account number” associated with it (already set up) and that their email is not set.

My problem is that there seems to be no way in Klaviyo to send the info in a flow to only one person about the account that triggered the flow.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.


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Hey @drebux 

Thanks for reaching out for help. To be honest I’m not sure that this is possible to feed everyones submission into one profile that will trigger the flow but I have reached out to one of our Flow’s experts to see if there is a way that I havent thought about. I’ll update you here as soon as I have their response!


@stephen.trumble thanks for the update!

All of the data is just sitting there and ready to go minus that last piece. It’s a very odd request from a client as we have other ways they can pull reports to see when an employee is eligible, but they for some reason want one person to get daily updates automated. If I can’t do it through Klaviyo I can probably engineer something on my own that will work but I’d like to keep things in one system if possible.

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@Bobi N. @Omar - can you help @drebux, I am trying to think this through and can’t think of a way to do it - somehow with tags?

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Jumping in here too.  Without a lot of custom events implementation (for this one account), the two easiest way I can think is doing either of the following:

Hard code an email address for the CC or BCC:

Use a Conditional Split if there’s a user account number, and if True, then in that message (for this one account), add a CC or BCC of the email address of the purchasing person.  The end users will still get the email though, so I’m not sure if that’s acceptable, but the purchasing person will also get those emails too.

Use Klaviyo Notification Action:

The other way is to use the Klaviyo “Notification Action” after the Conditional Split.  In this case, the notification email and all pertinent information can be included in a simple text based email to be sent to that purchasing user.  You don’t need to add any other messages since you don’t want the end users to get an email too. You just have to make sure the special purchase user will confirm the Notification subscription opt-in otherwise they won’t get those notification emails - so you may have to communicate that to them directly and let them know to confirm it.

Obviously, neither of those two solutions will “scale” if you have a lot of these situations but might be a good and practical solution if this only happens a handful of accounts.  


@Omar and @Bobi N. might have other method that I’m not thinking of… 



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Thanks for the response.


These emails aren’t for people who have made purchases. They are for alerting them that they have money to spend in their account from their company-approved subsidy. We have custom fields that populate in their account from our CRM. It’s never been an issue because we have all users' email addresses on file and they have all opted in. The problem is that this one account (business) doesn’t want their employees getting any emails, just the main manager who will purchase for them. It makes no sense to me as we already have a command center built on our end where they can download a list of employees who are up for renewals. Essentially they want that ONE contact to get an email every time one of their employees is slated for a subsidy renewal. The only way I could see to do it would be if the Klaviyo system had a way to check off in the flow that the emails don’t get sent to the profile and are instead sent to an overwritten TO field (like your CC/BCC option above).

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@drebux - I think I understand your requirements.  I’m probably not explaining it well, but if you use the Notification Action, you can send an email to someone (anyone with an email address) that’s not part of the Flow.  So in this path, for folks that are part of that specific account, they don’t receive an email, but the “main manager” will get the notification.  Typically, this is used for internal purposes - but might work well for your use case.  If I have time later, I’ll try to make a quick example with a screenshot to illustrate it better.  




Sorry, I misunderstood your initial post. I think I’ve got what I need with that notification action. I just went ahead and created a new segmentation trigger for the flow, removed the email sends as they won’t be needed, and input the notification information. I appreciate the help on this!