Flow to Tag Profiles Based on Sales Channel

  • 7 February 2023
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Hi Community!


Wondering if anyone has a way to tag a profile based on their sales channel. The idea behind this - we have a client with two store locations, we would like to tag people based on the location they purchased for. We have two channels set up in Shopify for “POS: Location A” & “POS: Location B”

Let me know if you have any ideas!



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5 replies

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Hi @chelsgrove ,

Great question and hope you are doing well! 

Would it be a possibility to just tag these profiles at the end of the flow with the final step being to add property (Location A / Location B)? I think that could be a method to have people tagged based on location. I know it’s been a feature request though to directly tag at POS but I think that is still in the process.

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@alex.hong thanks for the response! I don’t think this will work based on what our client wants to achieve. They want to tag them from the start where they purchased from, so then they can use that segment to send retail location-specific emails on. They are both in resort towns, so a users location won’t help either since someone could be based in LA but still frequent this location. So really we just want to have automated tagging somehow, and I was going to use a flow to achieve this. (not actually send any emails….yet.)

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Hey there @chelsgrove! 😄

Good question. How about you use the "Shopify Purchase Made" trigger to create a flow that tags profiles based on the sales channel they used.

In the trigger conditions, you can set the "Sales Channel" to "POS: Location A" or "POS: Location B".

Then, in the flow actions, you can add a "Tag Profile" step to tag the profile accordingly.

Hope that helps! Let me know what you think.


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Hey @chelsgrove, I think I did this before by utilizing a Shopify Flow (not Klaviyo Flow) where you can use the POS location, and either set that as a Shopify customer tag (which then syncs to Klaviyo).  Alternatively, you can pass that information from Shopify Flow into Klaviyo via the Klaviyo Connector as an Event to trigger a Klaviyo Flow that updates the User Profile.

See this:

Some information on how to pass events from Shopify Flow to Klaviyo:

I leave the specifics and details for you to implement, but I think the data is there for you to utilize however it best fits.


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@retention thanks!! I will give this a try.