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  • 15 November 2022
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Hi Community. I just finished setting up a new subscriber flow. However, I think I may have done some things out of order. I already established my list and imported the contacts before I created the flow. Once I set it Live, will it only trigger for new people that are added to the list or will it start the sequence with those who are already uploaded to the list? I hope this makes sense.

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Hello @Monique,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

You absolutely did not do anything wrong! Take it from me, you aren’t the first to have uploaded your lists before building out your flows. For this reason, we actually have a great featured called back-populating. This allows you to retroactively serve flow to users who would have qualified for the flow had the flow been in place. 

You’re also correct in your understanding of how contacts get served and move through a flow. Flows will only trigger and serve to customers since they’ve been created and set live. To retroactively send those customers you’ve uploaded a flow, I would suggest following the steps found in our How to back-populate a flow Help Center article. I find that the video in that article is really helpful to understand the two options for backpopulating lists. 

I hope this helps!