Giveaway in exchange for a subscription - how do I enter those already subbed?

  • 21 September 2023
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I’m doing a little giveaway to see if I can get a few more subscribers. I know this isn’t the best way to get quality subs, but I’m giving it a try just to see what happens.

I’m using Klaviyo directly for this, following their instructions:,a%20contest%20strictly%20using%20Klaviyo.

However, there’s nothing in the article regarding what happens with people who are already subscribed. Do I ask them to subscribe again, considering they’ll be added to a new list? I’m not sure how to tackle this.

If you have any best practice advice, I’d also appreciate that. Thanks in advance!


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Hi @Eleanor Shadow 

As you say, contacts acquired from a Prize Draw (PD) will generally be lower quality but that also depends on how you're promoting the prize draw.

If you're only promoting it on your website, the quality will be higher (they visited for a reason not related to the prize draw) but if you're promoting, say, via another channel (social, digital ads etc), the quality will usually not be very good as they are less likely to have an interest in your product/service but like a freebie!

In any case, pushing prize-draw entries for new contacts into a separate PD list in Klaviyo to ring-fence them is recommended.

To your point about existing contacts, you could get them to submit their email and push to the same list. Certainly the easiest approach. However, I think asking them for their email again seems a little impersonal and one extra step for them. You may also get some duplicate profiles if anyone submits with a different email address to the one you already have.

An alternative, more involved, approach for existing contacts is to set up a competition entry 'confirmation' page on your website. Then an email campaign with a link to that page and 'click to enter'. You can then create a segment of those existing contacts who clicked (entered) from the email.

Admittedly, that makes any prize draw submission flow emails and the prize winner selection more complicated. For the winner selection: export the existing contacts PD segment and the new contact PD list then import both those into a FINAL entry PD list. Then use Klaviyo's sample of 1. That way your orginal new contact PD list is still intact. 

Hope that makes sense and good luck with your PD!


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Hi, @bluesnapper and thanks for your reply :)

I am following Klaviyo’s guidelines and creating a separate list for giveaway subscribers, but I’m not sure those who are already in my mailing list can submit their email again - will the Klaviyo system recognise them as already subbed and deny the “new” subscription? 

Do I need to segment my subscribers if I’m already creating a separate list for them? Not sure I quite understood your explanation, sorry :/


Thanks again, Andy!

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No problem @Eleanor Shadow 

A contact can be a member of many segments and lists but will only be included in each of those once. Therefore, you can have a contact in your main opt-in list and they can also sign-up to be included in your prize draw list i.e that one contact will be a member of both those lists.

My alternative, long-winded, approach using a segment for existing subscribers was only if you wanted to capture those as prize draw entries without them having to enter their email again.



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Hello again, @bluesnapper Andy

Got it, thanks for taking the time to explain it further! I’ll ask people who are already subbed to do so again, this will actually ensure they’re only added to the prize if they want to :)

Have a great week,