Have Does Klaviyo's Abandon Cart Flow Function and Why Doesn't the App function well on a mobile device?

  • 1 October 2021
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Hello here. So I recently started learning klaviyo as a freelancer that wants to help other businesses but I have the following questions and I would appreciate  detailed and clarifying answers.


1. On creating flows e.g abandonment, if I create 2 emails under this series to be sent to customers that abandon cart let's say first one after 4 hours and the second after 24 hours.

If a customer completes their checkout with the first email sent, will klaviyo detect this and not send the second email to them assuming I follow the default cart abandonment flow?


Or will klaviyo send them the second email again (which is bad) or is there anything thing I have to do to ensure that doesn't happen?


2. First I have to say, Klaviyo is really a good platform. I am amazed at how optimized the platform is for even android phones and the great number of things you can do despite how complicated a platform like this should be. To my question, I am having difficulty performing some action on my phone, especially adding conditional split and some (not all) drag and drop actions. My laptop screen went dead and I may to be doing most of my work on my phone, is there a guide on how I can do this especially that conditional split option. I can't see any way to add it to the flow. Thanks. 


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Hi @Favewriter


Welcome to the Community! Happy to hear that you’ve enjoyed your experience with us so far. 


If you use one of our default, out-of-the-box Abandon Cart Flow, then the Flow will be configured to check if an order has been placed by a user during the Flow. Klaviyo can automatically detect that the user should be disqualified from the Flow if there is a Flow Filter present in the Flow. A flow filter examines each step if a user still meets the condition of a flow and will automatically cause the user to exit the flow if they do not. A flow filter is placed on an Abandon Cart Flow that a user qualifies for the flow if they ‘have placed order zero times since starting this flow’. If this filter is present in your Abandon Cart Flow, you do not have to worry about a user receiving an email they shouldn’t!


To your next question, unfortunately at this time, not all of Klaviyo’s features have the full functionality to work on mobile devices as desktop devices. We are however working on a Klaviyo Mobile app for our users. Our team is actively working on this, but we do not have a roadmap/timeline on when this will be launched again. Once we have more information on this, an announcement will be made here: However, I would still  be happy to write in a feature request for you for this.


Thanks for your valued input and for being a part of the Community!



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Thanks a lot Taylor for that clarifying answer. I really appreciate this