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I need to make this date format presentable: 2022-06-24 12:00:00 MST-0700

I have tried variations of ... |format_date_string|date:'Y-m-d h:i:s tO' but no luck.

Regular timestamp would respond to something like this .. format_date_string|date:'M d, o'

Any ideas?


Best answer by gmc 27 May 2022, 19:36

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Hi there @gmc,

Welcome to the Community!
Could you explain what error is occurring exactly when trying to input a date format into your design? Any screenshot of what is happening vs expected behavior would be helpful in finding a solution.

I also recommend looking at our help center article related to formatting date variables.



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I think the one I’m trying (or need) to use “Date 1” might not be an acceptable format (date time timezone)
If I format it {{ event.date1|format_date_string|date:'M d, y }} the result is blank, whereas date formats 2 and 3 render correctly. Date 2 being a regular timestamp.

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Hi @gmc,

If you want to add the time with your date you can use this code below which is formatted in a 24hr format:

{{ event.time|format_date_string|date:'Y-m-d'}}, {{ event.time|time:'H:i'}} 

 If you want it to show in a 12 hour format you can use this:

{{event.time|format_date_string|date:'Y-m-d'}}, {{ event.time|time:'h:i' }}

 You may see a time difference since the event data is showing in UTC time whereas the time showing in the actual email is in your account timezone.


Let me know if that helped,


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Thanks for the reply.

I couldn’t get it working quite like you had it, but got it working with this. (I added a space in italicized description above so it didn’t render)

{{event.mydate|format_date_string|date:'Y-m-d'}}, {{event.mydate|format_date_string|date:'H:i'}}

However, the format of mydate 1 is not parsing using the same method.


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Sort of resolved - going to have the timestamp outputted in a supported format.

For the record, this is not a supported format: 2022-05-30 15:00:00 PDT-0700