How can I automatically send an email for each new blog post with the title and content of the post ?

  • 20 January 2021
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I created a website where I send an advice every morning to my paying subscribers.


Every morning I create a blog post with the advice so people can see it after login. I would like that each day when I publish a blog post that an email is sent automatically to my customers with the title and content of my blog post. Or at leats everyday an email whith the link of the blog.



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Hi @hugob,


So this could sort of be achieved but there are some issues that could potentially serve as a roadblock for this particular workflow you have in mind. The biggest issue would be that you’d have to schedule a campaign for every day of the year and have the setting “Reschedule recipients at send time” checked. One reason why you may want to avoid doing this would be that it could potentially lead to issues with deliverability if a campaign were to be sent out on a near daily basis and the open rates consistently ended up on the lower end of what we set as a target.  How to Monitor Email Deliverability Performance  has some numbers you can take a look at to serve as a guide for what we recommend you aim for. Another issue is that this is difficult to set up but not impossible.

As an alternative, you may want to consider only sending out campaigns for blog posts you anticipate high page view numbers for.

In terms of how to pull some of the information into the email you’d be looking for, Guide to Adding a Custom Web Feed in an Email would be a good place to start which will help but this does require some experience as it can be a bit more technical.




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Ok I understand better.

Thank you very much

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Hi @Paul S, I realize this post is several months old but I’m running into a similar issue as OP. Are you saying you need to manually set up individual campaigns for each day a new blog would be posted? Is there a way to automate that?


Also, where do you find the “Reschedule recipients at send time” checkbox? 


Thank you!

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Hi @elyssa


Thanks for asking your question in the Community! 


Yes, you would have to manually set up these individual campaigns in order to accomplish the same goal the user of the OP mentioned earlier. However, to do this comes with a great warning that sending an email every day could negatively impact your deliverability and sender reputation. The determine recipients at send time option is available when you are at the end of creating the campaign creation process when you are finding a time to schedule it’s send time.


Flows are our automated sending systems, however, our flows are not designed nor is it considered best practice to keep up an ongoing Flow that lasts forever. If you want to send these automated daily emails to a specific List, you could create a List-Triggered Flow. You would have to create the appropriate number of emails to send each day. However, profiles can only go through a List-triggered Flow once, so you will need to clone the Flow every week to do an automated daily send of blog post links. It is to be noted that again, this potential workaround comes with a caution of not only potentially fatiguing your users’ opinion of your brand, as well as fatiguing their inbox, possibly ending in the Spam folder eventually. 


Thanks for being a part of the Community! 



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Thanks @Taylor Tarpley 

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This is unfortunate to read.  I wonder how Active Campaign set this up? I switched from Active Campaign to Klaviyo and it’s a drawback that I’m noticing.  In Active Campaign, every new blog post went out as an email with a link to the blog post.  The new post would be the subject line automatically.

Hopefully Klaviyo updates this soon.  Especially for those of us who do or plan to use our Blog posts as organic SEO.  


I also believe this is unfortunate to read and am hoping that since the question was ask over a year ago that maybe things have changed now.  I switched from Mailchimp to Klaviyo a bit back and on Mailchimp there was code I was able to put onto my shopify website and every time I posted a blog (I didn’t do it every day) Mailchimp would pull it and send it out in an email with the title of the blog as the subject line and in the body it would have a short excerpt and then a link if the customer wanted to read more.  Has Klaviyo been updated to do this now?

I am also wanting to do something like this to boost my organic traffic.  Are there any developments in the works for this feature now that we are in late 2023? I have seen that several other CRM platforms offer this as an automated trigger flow within their systems.  

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If anyone is still interested, I have been able to accomplish a custom RSS automation just using Klaviyo and Zapier. It’s actually very simple if you know how to use the Klaviyo API.


First, make sure that your Klaviyo web feed is correctly receiving the RSS feed from your website.

Next, create a template and fill each part of it with the dynamic variables you’re interested in

Then make sure you have a list or segment of people that want to receive these emails.

That’s it for Klaviyo.

Now go to Zapier and create a zap triggered by receiving a new item on the same RSS feed you integrated in Klaviyo.

After the trigger, the first step is to wait at least 6 hours. That’s how long it could take Klaviyo to automatically refresh the feed.

The next 3 action steps in Zapier are all webhooks.

  1. Send a POST to the Klaviyo create campaign endpoint.
  2. Send a POST to the Klaviyo assign campaign message to template endpoint
  3. Send a POST to the Klaviyo create campaign send job endpoint

And you’re done. Whenever you publish something new to your RSS feed, the template you created in Klaviyo will get sent out to the list you chose in the second Zapier webhook step.