How do I add a trigger to add someone to a new email list or sequence after a few days?

  • 9 November 2020
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If someone downloaded an ebook from my landing page and they get added to a list… how can I add them to another list after a few days…

In otherwords they optin for the ebook then they get the thank you email with their download, then I want 1 day to pass then they get added to my general list to receive the welcome email sequence I’ve set up.

I hope that makes sense? Thank You!🙏👍 


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3 replies

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Well, that was quite helpful Cassy. Thank You!🙏👍  Looking forward to playing around with the triggers!

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Hi @TylerHemp, Glad to have you in our Klaviyo Community! 

You wouldn’t be able to add someone to a list, because a list contains anyone who has subscribed to join the list and will only grow or shrink as people either subscribe or unsubscribe. However, you could create and add them to a segment.

You can do that by using an action, or by having an “update profile property” action at the end of the original flow. Use that property to create a segment, then use that segment to trigger another flow.

With the option listed above, you would have two flows running at once: your general welcome flow, and your flow for folks who downloaded the ebook first. 
Alternatively, you could have one flow run that is triggered by a segment. The segment definition in this case would be “is in general list” OR “downloaded ebook first”. 

You can learn more about how to create a segment here, and how to trigger flows here.


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Glad to hear it @TylerHemp! Thanks for asking a great question, and we look forward to seeing some of your success stories/top performing campaigns sometime in our Show and Tell section!