How Do I prevent same email from reaching a customer from a different flow?

  • 17 May 2022
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Time to ask the experts again :-) 

I have a template that I’m using in my ‘Welcome Series’ and ‘Post-Purchase’ flows (1 email in each flow that is the same). 

I need to set it so that the customer can’t receive the same content twice, as of course a lot of people will be in both of these flows.


I’ve located the “Has not received this email” additional filter, but I’m not sure what defines this? Would Klaviyo recognise that it’s the same template? 


If more action is required, I’m looking at the following filter:

  • When someone has done (or not done)
  • Person has *Received Email*
  • Where
  • *Campaign name* or *Subject*

This is where I hit a problem. Nothing in the drop down menu allows me to select the email I’m trying to block (It doesn’t appear). Other emails appear, but not the one I’m targeting. 

Thank you in advance for any help on this. 



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Hi @Wmorris2468


Thanks for sharing your question with us! 


Do you mind sharing a bit more information about the template you’re using for both flows? Do you mean to say that they are the exact same email i.e. template structure, copy and images etc? Could you share a screenshot of both emails and the goal behind using the same template in both flows?


For instance, if it’s a discount email that you had in your welcome flow sequence that is also in your post-purchase flow, I would instead utilize a conditional split  before the identical message asking if they’ve received the identical email from the welcome flow instead of  a flow filter. A flow filter will evaluate if they meet the condition of the filter at every step of the flow and will not go through your post-purchase flow at all if they have received the other message, which it doesn’t sound like is your goal. 


Additionally, is the identical flow message live or in draft mode? If it hasn’t been turned live, this could be the reason why it isn’t populating. 


Thanks for participating in the Community!


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Hi @Taylor Tarpley , I have the same questions
In my case, I created a template from the email in my welcome flow. It is a brand story/educational email.

When I create an email in my post purchase flow, there is the option to add a filter to the email itself. *Has not received this email* (*skip anyone who has received this message* *at any time*). What are the requirements for klaviyo to recognize that the email I|m creating in my post purchase flow is the same as in the welcome flow?


If I use the conditional split instead, what settings would I have to choose? *what soemone has done (or not done)* *person has recieved email*…again what email is meant by *recieved* email? THIS exact email?


Email filter



Conditional split

I would love to know what OP decided to do in the end?

Thanks in advance