How do we test our funnel?

  • 26 February 2023
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We have our activation funnel set up from verify email reminders and beyond. Each of these are in their own Flows and we now want to test in a dev environment to make sure it works before activating it to 2,500+ community members. Some of these flow span across specific conditions as well as weeks (4 weeks is the longest flow right now)

How can we test in this dev environment without having to sit and wait for 4 weeks?


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3 replies

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Hi @TheCarpoolKing - great to see you here again in the community. If you have urgent requests, make sure to contact support who can help you in more real time!  Most of us here are participating in the community for everyone’s benefit and mutual learning.

When I work with clients that have long delay times or more complex flows, firstly, we usually have a secondary Klaviyo account we use or testing and QA.  That way, any emails that get triggered aren’t accidentally sent to end users by mistake.  And it gives all the collaborators in the account more freedom to make changes and experiment as necessary. 

For example, one simple thing we do is to change all “Days” delays to minutes - that way we can watch an email go through a Flow in minutes rather than days.  Or, we set Flow messages as “manual” which let us “step through” each stage of the Flow (if you’re a developer, this is akin to stepping through the code with breakpoints).  

Finally, even when we do move all the Flows and messages to the production Klaviyo account, on some occasion we create conditional branches in the Flows for certain users to still get the “accelerated”  Flows (Days are changed to Minutes) for final testing in production. 

Hope this helps you setup a framework to think about the process.

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That is genius! We’ll change to minutes.