How do you retroactively send a welcome series to a list?

  • 18 May 2021
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I am getting ready for the official launch of my company/website and my site has been password protected as I build out my site and set up Klaviyo. On the password page, I have a newsletter sign up and I have had some customers sign up . I am starting my email list from scratch, so these are my first emails ~30 email addresses.

I have set up a Welcome Series and it is good to go live. When I set this as live, will this automatically send to the 30 customers that have already subscribed (I assume no because the sign up needs to trigger the flow)? If not, is there an easy way for me to manually send my welcome series to this list of 30 customers that have already subscribed? Or, do I have to copy the welcome series into a campaign and send to these 30 existing customers?


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Congrats on the upcoming launch of your site!

You can use the back-populate feature to make sure those 30 subscribers go through welcome flow.  You’ll want to use the “Schedule Relative to When You Back-Populate” option.

Here’s a link with more information:


In addition to the welcome flow, if you haven’t already, at minimum have an abandoned cart flow as well. 

Would you be okay sharing your site url? Would love to see your new store!

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Hey @WillardRD,

Congratulations on the new site! 

Building off of the great suggestion @Manny Singh  had already mentioned, your original assumption is correct! Switching your emails from either Draft or Manual to Live will not automatically send your emails to those contacts who were already subscribers of the list triggering your welcome series flow. Flows will only begin queuing up users and serving to them since they have been turned Live. You can learn more about how contacts move through a flow through the How Contacts Move through a Flow article.

The suggestion that Manny had mentioned of utilizing the backpopulate function to retroactively serve your flow emails to customers who may have been qualified for the flow prior to the flow being switched Live would be the best recommended solution in this case.



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Hi and @Manny Singh !


Thank you both so much! This is a huge help. My website is ! It will be going live in the next few weeks :) I have set up the abandoned cart flow as well, and will likely get a few other flows set up.


Thanks a bunch!


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Fantastic! I’ve signed up for the launch :)  Love the colors and imagery on the opening soon page.  One thing to watch out for if you’re keeping the logo and background color is to increase the contrast between the two (for visually impaired site visitors)



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I had to figure this part out myself. Once you are in your “Welcome” flow section, in the upper right corner, click “Manage flow” and then click “back-populate flow recipients”. From you are there, you can choose how you would like the flow to send. I personally wanted to send the flows as if the recipients all joined at the same time so I selected “Schedule for each step relative to when I click the back-populate button”. I really hope this helps. Also, this video was super helpful. Short and straight to the point.


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Hi @Courtney


Thanks for going the extra mile for your fellow members of the Community by giving a step-by-step walkthrough and attaching screenshots of how to accomplish this Back-populating option! It makes me so happy to see our users sharing their product knowledge for the benefit of theirs peers. Really appreciate it! 


Happy you’re a part of our community!