How to avoid getting put into Promotions by Gmail?

  • 12 April 2022
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Hey @blissy 

Thank you for coming to the Community for help on why some emails go to spam!

Can you give a little more context? Are these preview emails or actual email sends that are going into the promotion inbox? Gmail adjusts which emails get caught by its spam filters on a user-by-user basis. This means that Gmail is always learning based on your specific email address and how you interact with these emails.

If you send frequent preview emails to yourself, but don't necessarily open or click these emails, it's possible that your previews will start going to your spam folder. To shift this trend, engage with these preview emails by opening and clicking them. You can also manually prompt Gmail to place them back in your primary inbox by dragging the email out of your spam folder and into your Primary tab.

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Hope this helps! Thank you for being part of the Klaviyo community!