How to schedule an email using an event date property

  • 2 August 2022
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I have an app where people can schedule a visit to a certain building. Using the API I created an Event each time someone schedules a visit. This event includes information about the property and also the created date and schedule date.



I’m trying to use the date_scheduled property to set a workflow that automatically sends an email 1 day before the scheduled date (like a reminder). Is there anyway to achieve this?

I was thinking setting a property to the user like “next_schedule” and using that in the Date Property workflow,  but this can have the problem that if someone schedules 2 visits it can override this property and only send 1 reminder.


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4 replies

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Hi @josem7,

Welcome to the Community. 

You can try create a date triggered flow and have it trigger 1 day before the date of the event following our Guide to Creating a Date Property-Triggered Flow.

Or, our date trigger works on the profile level rather than the metric level, this means within your API Call Payload you will need to make use of the Profile Properties section in e.g:

"token": "PUBLIC_KEY",
"event": "RegisterTest",
"customer_properties": {
"$email": "",
"properties": {
"title": "TestPage",
"URL": ""

You would then link the date triggered flow to the DateProperty property and get it to trigger 1 day before that date takes place
I hope this helps,


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Thanks Alex I will give it a try!

Wouldn’t it have the problem I mentioned of overwriting the property and hence the reminder? If it would overwrite it, then you should consider creating a flow that works also at the metric level I think it could have some useful applications 😄


Thanks for the help


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Hi @josem7,

Yes the profile property would overwrite but other Community members have gotten around this by setting up their signup forms or whatever the input may be so that this cannot happen and multiple inputs are not recorded.

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@josem7 Were you ever able to accomplish this? We are having the same issue - wanting to send reminders to people that may have booked multiple tours. I’m hitting a wall.