How to send a reminder to thoose who have not used a Shopify discount code recieved in a earlier sent email?

  • 28 January 2022
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I sent a mail sent out with a discount code produced in Shopify (the same code for everyone receiving the email). I would now like to send a reminder mail to those how have not used the code for a purchase in Shopify after a number of days. Can I use a trigger split for that? I can choose the specific discount code there, but am not sure what the trigger actually does.


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4 replies

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Hi @Tö - welcome to the community! 

Just to be clear, I assume you sent out the email as a Campaign (one time send) with the Shopify Discount code?  And then you want to follow-up with an email for anyone didn’t make a purchase?


If that’s the case, you wouldn’t need to setup a Flow, you can just schedule a new follow-up Campaign but use a Segment that addresses that scenario.

Create a Segment:

  • People who have Received the Email, Filter where Message is the email you sent
  • AND People who have Placed Order zero times in the last 7 days.

These are all the people who received the email, and didn’t make a purchase.  In this scenario, whether or not they used the discount code doesn’t take into effect - it’s just simply people who received the email but didn’t make a purchase.  I assume this is what you meant to do.


However, If you want an audience of folks who made a purchase, but didn’t (or forgot) to use the code. You can do something similar by first creating a segment, but look for people who purchased and exclude those that purchased with the discount code. 

1) First, create a Segment:

  • People who have Received the Email, Filter where Message is the email you sent
  • AND People who have Placed Order at least once in the last 7 days.

2) Then, create a second Segment similar to the first:

  • People who have Received the Email, Filter where Message is the email you sent.
  • AND People who have Placed Order, in the last 7 days, Filter where Code Contains the code you sent.

These are all the people who received the email, and purchased with the discount code. Note the Filter in the second rule.

Then you can send your Campaign, and specify:

  • First Segment - these are all people who made a purchase after they received the Email
  • EXCLUDE the Second Segment - anyone who made a purchase with the code.

The recipients will then be anyone who made a purchase after receiving the email, and it will exclude anyone who made a purchase that used the discount code.


Hope this was helpful, and if I misunderstood what you’re trying to do, let me know!


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Hi @Tö 


Thanks for sharing your question with the Community! Love to see you following up with customers to ensure they maximize their coupon experience!


@retention gave an incredible workflow if you send this discount message to your subscribers through a campaign. I would recommend your take his advice as they are helpful processes to accomplish your goal.!


However, if you have sent this discount message through a flow, it would be important to know whether or not this discount in question is static or dynamic. If your coupon is static, you can  add a Conditional Split in your Flow and use the “Placed Order” metric with a Filter for “Discount Codes” for it to contain the code to match, for example in this graphic, graciously given by @retention again, in a similar conversation about coupons in flows. 




Unfortunately, filtering for coupons in flows only works for static coupons, not dynamic coupons. If you use a dynamic code, you would not be able to filter by “contains” as seen in the example above. However, you could still use a conditional split with the condition of whether or not the user has placed an order since being in the flow as it is most likely that if they have placed an order since starting this flow, they will have used the dynamic coupon. This feature is a common request that we hear from our customers that they’d want to be able to filter from dynamic coupons, and its something our team is evaluating. 




I would suggest checking out this conversation to gain further insight into sending discount code to users who haven’t used them yet!


Thanks for participation in the Community!


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Thanks! Sending a follow up message to the customer who made a purchase, not using the code they recieved, is an excellent idea!



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Hello :) 


Do we have any updates to segment customers who have not used their Dynamic coupon code yet?


Is there anyway to filter/identify dynamic coupons via the prefix? E.g. Coupon contains = WELCOME25. 


If we don’t use unique dynamic coupon codes, but static instead, how do we ensure only customers who signed up can use the static welcome coupon? If this code is leaked or shared, any customer can use it whether they’ve signed up to our email list or not…