How to send promotional emails on a specific date - Please help!

  • 20 August 2021
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Hi, Klaviyo Community!


I have recently started a Newsletter flow and some of the emails in this flow are promotions. For example, a Weekend Sale. Or our Anniversary Sale. These has specific dates. However, I am not exactly sure on how to insert the email on the flow where it gets to be received by the receivers on those dates.


How do I go about this? Thank you so much!


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8 replies

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Hey @mermaidzeli 

Thank you so much for reaching out to the Klaviyo Community for this! Creating date specific sends would allow you to “set it and forget it” like Ron Popeil said.

While you can use time delays within your flows, date specific sends are currently not supported in Klaviyo. Since flows are an automated sequence that are set in motion by a specific trigger in a response to a behaviour that your customer does, there wouldn’t be a way to schedule a flow to start serving to customers on a specific date. talks through some workarounds, like utilizing campaigns (which can be scheduled), and additional Help Center resources and posts in this Community post: 

I am submitting a product feature request to our development team, then they will determine use case and need for this feature. If there is an update I will reply to this thread with any new information.

I hope this helps! Thank you for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!

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@mermaidzeli - I’m sorry if this seems too obvious, unless I’m missing something, if you have a specific date (for everyone who subscribed to your Newsletter) to receive an email at the same time, you can send a Campaign email and schedule it for the date you want it to go out instead of having it in your Flow.

Here’s how you can schedule campaign emails:

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@retention Exactly right! Thank you for including the article on sending campaigns! It was a missed opportunity on my part. Thank you for always stepping in to help answer questions and provide further insight. You are a rock star! Thank you!

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I would like to +1 this idea.  Some of the use case that to have are,  on the first or second of every month send an email that reads from my data feed, deals starting this month, and send it to all of sendibles, on the 25 th of every month I would like send a similar email deals ending this month, and it reads from deals ending this month feed.


I currently do this in code, but with Klaviyo I can add levels of sophistication.


as an added feature I would also like to be able to schedule it weekly or some time interval <integer> <days, weeks, months, etc>.


this should be a key feature as port of “set and forget it”, I like the idea of doing it as a flow, because then you could introduce advanced concepts, like if they have not. Ace a purchase then prompt the. With there still x days left to take advantage of these great deals, if they have made a purchase maybe they fall out of the flow.



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@stephen.trumble we need this function, too! 
Working for a campsite, we want to send a series a few months before important holidays.

Hope this function comes soon! :-)

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@stephen.trumble What is the status of this 9 months since it’s been submitted? I would need a similar feature for automations by date. For example in an email flow:

  1. 1st of January - Happy New Year
  2. 8th March - Happy Women’s Day
  3. 25th December - Merry Xmas

Currently there is no way to do that.

Email campaigns won’t work for me as I have 27 dates to fill the year with these automations. 


Mailchimp does that and I’ll have to move to them if you can’t provide this. 

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Hi! Just wondering if there’s any update on this? Seen a few topics since this thread started wondering about the feature and in the same spot ourselves right now, it would be amazing to be able to do this! Thanks 

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Hey @michaeljja 

Unfortunately there hasn’t been any movement that I am aware of on this functionality. I will continue to share your feedback with the product team in hopes that they will add it to the roadmap in the future. Thanks for bringing this topic back up as I know a lot of members would really love to see it happen!