How to set up a flow to send scheduled emails to main email list?

  • 11 September 2022
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So we are wanting to launch a new product and as part of the launch, we would like to slowly unveil our new selection with a flow that would send out an email every other day that would slowly reveal more features and photos of the new product.


When trying to create a flow for this, I am unsure as to what trigger setup to use for what we are trying to achieve as we do not want to create a sign up form for this flow, we would just like have this flow and its content, sent out to everyone in our email list.


If anyone can, please let me know if this is possible or if there are any work arounds for what we are trying to achieve.




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What you can do is following..

  1. Create segment of all the people in your account that are not suppressed (this will be all active subscribers)
  2. Download the people from the segment above
  3. Create a flow triggered by new empty list
  4. Finish the flow with copy and design and everything and set it live while the list is still empty
  5. Once the flow is live.. the segment that you downloaded from step 2 upload to the list that is trigger for the flow from step 3.
  6. As soon as you upload people to the list the flow will start immediately if you don’t add any time delay before the 1st email in it so make sure you upload the people exactly when you want this flow to start
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@Sonny As @Bobi N. mentioned this is indeed a way to go.

You could also trigger based on a segment and then add all the conditions to the segment after the flow has been created.

Or you could also add a custom profile property with a date to all the profiles and trigger based on that date.

In short create a segment, export email address, edit in spreadsheet and add the same date, import those email addresses again and then have a flow that triggers on that date of x weeks after the date.

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Hey @Sonny, the method @Bobi N. recommend is spot on to run a Segment of users through a Flow and for any new users who may enter the Segment subsequently.  This is actually a really good strategy for running Segments through a Flow for complex scenarios.

However, if you are launching a new product - I suspect it might be easier just to schedule Campaigns to your subscribers to the Segment you want to received the product launch.  So instead of creating a Flow, just schedule the set of emails as standard Campaigns and specify the time/date for each one ahead of time.  Make sure to check the box to “determine recipients at send time” like this so that it will include anyone that matches the Segment up until the Campaign is sent.

One good reason you may want to automate this as a Flow instead of just properly timed Campaigns, is you anticipate ongoing users to enter the Segment and thus go through the Flow after the product launch.  That way, new people after the Launch date will get the sequence of emails.  If that’s the case, then stick with Bobi’s method.

But if the product launch is a singular event for everyone up until the product is launched, a properly timed set of Campaigns might be a better (and easier) path.