Is anyone else having trouble changing the colour of some text boxes?

  • 19 November 2021
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I can change the background colour, but the text for the font is not working? attached some images of both - any help would be appreciated! 






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2 replies

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Hello @Helen WS,

I noticed that you are currently attempting to change the font color of your text from the block’s style’s tab. Did you happen to apply a header to this text? If so then instead of changing the font color from the block’s style’s tab, you’ll want to be in the template’s general style’s tab and adjusting the corresponding header text color. 

From my experience, people often times forget they applied a header to their text within a text block and thus are under the assumption that the color can be changed from the block style’s tab when it should actually be under the general style’s tab. The text color setting for the block specific styles is meant to adjust the color of the text should a header not be applied to the text.

I hope this helps!


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Thanks very much for your reply - that was exactly the right thing! It now all works