Is it possible to increment/decrement a property in a flow?

  • 6 December 2021
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I’d like to create a property on a contact that acts as a counter. When a specific event happens, the property for that contact should get incremented. When another event happens, the property should get decremented. Is that possible? I only see the option to assign a specific value to a property.


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5 replies

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Hey @mreall 

Thank you for reaching out to the Klaviyo Community for help with this!

Each integration delivers event data in slightly different ways. The key thing to remember that Klaviyo is only receiving event data for what has been coded to send from the third party integration with Klaviyo. If there is a way to accomplish this through your third party platform, custom profiles property can be updated in this manner. However, Klaviyo does not automatically update profile properties without an event sent from your integration.

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Hi @stephen.trumble, thanks for your reply. I understand that an event is required to update a property. The problem is that when the event happens, I can only set a property to a fixed value. I can set it to a value relative to what it already is. For example, it would be helpful to increment a custom property by 1 every time an event is triggered.


It sounds like it isn’t possible at this time. Thanks for your help.

Hey @mreall!

2 years later, searching for the same thing! Any luck?



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@akshat.thedripstory, sadly I still don’t have a solution using a Klaviyo flow.

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Hey @mreall @akshat.thedripstory 

Thanks for the followups to this thread. Take a look at these Help Center docs on using the Update Profile Property action in your flows:

Update profile property action use cases reference

How to update a profile property when someone clicks a link

How to add an update profile property action to a flow

This product feature was not available at the time of the original response but might work for what you are trying accomplish.