Is the current setup right?

  • 20 August 2023
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I am auditing this particular account and for their post-purchase flow the trigger is “fulfilled order” not “placed order”.

Placed order is the right trigger for a post-purchase flow right?

Because placed order is when a person places an order and “fulfilled order” is when a person receives an order.

For context, the first email we are sending to the customers is “Thank you for your purchase”.

So, ideally “placed order” should be the trigger for this email, right?

Appreciate your help : )


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Hey there,

Correct, if you want that email to fire off right after purchase then ‘Placed Order’ is the way to go!

But also a note for Fulfilled Order, that’ll normally be when the order is marked packed or shipped in Shopify and now about to be on the way for the customer.

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Hi @nambirajanks,

Welcome to the community and good question.
I'm assuming you're using Shopify, the placed order and ordered product events get triggered as you said, when someone places an order on the shop.

Fulfilled order is indeed triggered whenever the order has been marked as fulfilled (most of the times this is when it's picked and ready to be send to the customer). If you're using tools like Wonderment you could also have additional triggers for when orders indeed have been delivered.

For the specific case you mentioned, sending a thank you for your order, I would indeed use a placed order event. Keep in mind that ecommerce platform also sends out transactional emails so you would want to time your thanks you emails. We sometimes send them a day later to prevent flooding the mailbox. I would suggest to also add a flow filter with cancelled or refunded order so that if a person does cancel you're not sending out an email to thank them.

hope this helps!

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Thank you. That makes sense : )