Is there a way to a prioritise price drop email over abandoned cart email?

  • 11 November 2022
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I’ve got two email flows that I’ve set up for a while and getting good conversions.

  1. Abandoned Cart Flow
  2. Price Drop Flow

I wondered if anyone has advice on how to prioritise the Price Drop Flow over other emails. 

Here is an example: A customer was looking at a pair of socks and they add to cart then drop out. At a similar time we drop the price of the socks or a sale event starts.

I would prefer the customer to get an email about the price drop because a lower price is always a bonus! 


When we did A/B testing waiting an hour before sending a price drop email got the best results and waiting an hour then sending an abandoned cart email also got the best conversions.
I don’t want to delay the abandoned cart for 2 hours because we’ll miss out on conversions for non-sale items, which is most of the catalog.

Just in case this is relevant. We don’t change our prices at specific times of the day, we have 5,000 skus and a number of different people monitoring our prices versus competitors.


Any help or article links or personal experience would be great.



Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 14 November 2022, 19:42

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 Hi @clairebeaumont


Welcome to the Community! What a great question, excited to strategize with you! 


Great job utilizing our A/B testing feature to discover the best send times for each of these flow messages! I believe you can achieve prioritizing the Price Drop flow email and skip the Abandon Cart email by changing the 1 hr price drop email delay to around 50/55 min and then add the following flow filter to the AC flow:

  • What someone has or hasn’t done > received Email > where subject line is x (the subject line for the price drop trigger email) > zero times > since starting this flow

Therefore if a user has received the price drop email right before they’re scheduled to receive theAbandon Cart email, they'll be subsequently kicked out the AC flow and only have received the Price Drop email. 


However, I’d love to tag some of our Champions to hear what they have to say! @In the Inbox @Akers Digital, anything to add here? 


Thanks for participating in the Community!


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Hey Taylor,


That is really great. I was thinking about using smart send but then that didn’t quite work. This is perfect. Thanks very much!