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I’m using the new editor and trying to use the Universal Styles to make the mobile text size different from desktop, but it’s not working. I’m using H1 on both mobile and desktop sizes but nothing happens when I change the mobile size. Sometimes, when I try to change the font size on a heading on mobile, it will edit the line height but not the font size.




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Hi @marcygoob,

Welcome to the Community.

There are two places you will adjust H1 to H4 - one for desktop and one for mobile. These are both found under the Styles tab of your email template editor. For desktop, you will edit under the Styles tab in the individual sections for H1 to H4: 

For mobile, you will adjust in the Styles tab under the mobile section: ?name=inline-30685145.png


Hope this helped. I would also recommend checking out related community posts as well as our HC article regarding the editor.


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Hi Alex,

I was specifically asking for the new editor, but I figured it out the problem on my own and I want other people to see the solution.

If you set the size of text in the text editor, it’ll override the heading styles in the “universal styles” section. Now I know not to set size of text in the text editor.




This is not my experience. I understand that under “Display Options” at the top level, one can set the “normal” font size to be different for desktop and mobile. However, I suspect if you clone a campaign, it will inherit those defaults. 

In my case the default font-size shows up a18px instead of the 16px that I have set up in the “Display Options”.

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I am also using the new editor and have the same problem. When I change the font size on mobile, it changes the line height but not the actual text size. So I edit each email individually which is obviously not the way to go.